Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to get people to view my art at

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FluctuatingAbstract ionism

exquisite fine art prints

With some 10 million people living in the New York Metropolitan Area and some 46 million plus visitors from other parts of the United States as well as from all over the rest of the world - it seems that New York City is a great place to let people know about the art that I have at my web sites:


There are difficulties that I find when I am doing this, and that is that there seems to be such preoccupation with other things that it is a bit difficult at some moments to reach out to people - because they are either on the phone or thinking about something that has happened or that is happening or that will happen - and so I look for more ways to improve just how to go about reaching out to let people know that I do have my art at these sites and that I am continuously increasing the number of images there and that there just may be something of value to these individuals no matter what walk of life they are on -

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